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Folding Europe

#towelartist #europeactually #brexiting


Reading the newspapers and watching TV makes you feel dull and sad? Towel art is the answer to all your problems! The Berlin based towel artists Hen & Mai will enlighten your day through professional and creative towel folding. This art form is not only nerve calming but also good for coping with feelings of loss. Went on a date and they never called again? Fold a swan! The UK is leaving the EU? Towel art is the next big thing! This uplifting performance will give you the right technique to fold your misery away.



Concept, text, performance Hendrik Quast, Maika Knoblich

Co-production Quast & Knoblich mit Goethe Institut London

Premiere London 29.03.2019


Quast and Knoblich's performance is inspired by Brexit. They approach the crisis with humor and a particular concept.


Naomi Larssen for Goethe Institut London

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