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#landart #home #manmade #stagegardening 

Within 24 hours the happening “Heide” runs through a whole cycle of life of a heathland. Hendrik Quast and Maika Knoblich are bringing soil, sand, heather, and even real sheep into Theater Kikker to build a landscape together with the audience. In the shared activity Knit the Curtain, 30 volunteers from Germany and the Netherlands have knitted or crocheted squares of wool that are put together during the performance to create a new curtain for the spectacle of nature theatre. 




Concept, performance Hendrik Quast, Maika Knoblich 

Commissioned by Huis a/d Werf Utrecht 

Photos © Anna van Kooij


The residents of the Lüneburg Heath have known for quite a while that they life in a cultural landscape/scene. But now performance artists Maika Knoblich and Hendrik Quast declare the heath to an independent art form. 

Böhme Zeitung 13 April 2012

The heather used by Maika Knoblich and Hendrik Quast is removed from its natural context to regain another meaning inside the theatre.

Van Het Huis, programme of the production house Huis a/d Werf, March 2012

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